Save a Billion Birds! joins the arts and sciences to protect environmental, cultural and natural resources, working as a collaborative international community to protect bird-life. Our community includes many advocates from every nation across Asia, with wide participation in the United States and Eurpoe as well. We believe that dialogue is necessary to reach rich and diverse community development, and so we foster that dialogue.

We work to save birds, one at a time, but such efforts go far beyond a basic humane treatment of animals. There are many solutions to bird-window strikes, but the phenomena itself tells us much about the relationships of science and art, and the way that we all live together. Bird-life has become an integral part of cultural heritage, economic productivity and literature. When we lose birds, we lose our humanity with respect to our intelligence, spirituality and physical well being. The current bird-window collision crisis, for which our campaign is named, is an international challenge that can only truly be solved by international dialogue and collaborative action. Doing so together enhances our world.

The Zoological Lighting Institute™ initiated and manages Save a Billion Birds! This nonprofit has as its unique focus photobiology research support for animal welfare and wildlife conservation. Every year, over a billion birds are known to die in collisions with window glass. Global numbers are proportionally similar, although there is hope in the myriad of glass-free architectural traditions that the international community presents. We seek to support ornithologists to understand the ways in which birds relate to light in the environment, and to inspire architects to design structures that eschew the use of bird-killing glass.

Save a Billion Birds!™ will pursue a variety of activities in the coming years, including Photo-ecology Symposium & Architectural Workshops, Architectural Competitions, a Certification Program, Monitoring Programs, Photodiversity Films and Wing-no-Ding Fixit Parties designed to remediate problem buildings. Architects and scientists will have the opportunity to save birds together! 

We are also proud to announce that Save a Billion Birds! offers scholarships to deserving advocates in architecture and ornithology, in line with The Zoological Lighting Institute's Mission. 

Come and join us to Save a Billion Birds!

James Karl Fischer 

James Karl Fischer PhD RIBA AIA
Executive Director
The Zoological Lighting Institute
The Zoological Lighting Institute

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