You can help Save a Billion Birds! (SaBB!) through a number of channels, each of which will aid the work of Save a Billion Birds! directly! 

First and foremost, spread the word! Unprotected glass in exterior windows kills at least a billion birds annually, one at a time, and IT CAN BE PREVENTED! Spread the word, you will find receptive audiences. 
(see our one million ‘likes’ on Facebook if you need reassurance).

Second, foster understanding through research. This might mean exploring a scientific inquiry related to how birds see or fly, or it might mean researching ways to design buidlings better without bird-killing glass. Apply for a scholarship and we’ll help good projects succeed.

Third, apply for SaBB! Certification! If your building (home, commercial or institutional) is inherently bird-friendly, or if you have taken steps to protect birds from colliding into existing glass (by applying exterior films, tape, shutters or screens), it may be eligible for certification! This will let everyone know that you care about birds and the environment, and have done something about it. You will receive signage and a certificate, as well as global recognition through our swiftly growing networks.

Fourth, start a SaBB! Monitoring program in your area. We will help you get started, and create partenrships with local bird advocates. Monitoring programs are crucial to convincing stakeholders that there is indeed a problem, and that it is happening right in our neighborhoods all over the world. Start a SaBB Monitoring program, and instigate an awareness that leads to change.

Fifth, host a SaBB! Wing-Ding Fundraiser featuring Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds! Any charity needs cash to operate. Just as important, a charity needs advocates. SaBB Wing-Ding Fundraisers are pre-organized parties with music and a screening of the film that can lead to discussion and action in a light hearted yet productive way.

Sixth, host a SaBB! Wing-no-Ding Fixit Party! Have a home or business that is just too big for you to make safe for birds on your own? Gather a community together, and get to work! A SaBB Wing-no-Ding Fixit Party will enable you to apply cordage, tape, films, screens and/or shutters to your home through a fun community driven project. Save a Billion Birds!™ is a registered trademark of The Zoological Lighting Institute