You can donate to or sponsor Save a Billion Birds! quickly and easily. We are a 501 c3 Nonprofit so your contributions are tax deductable. Upon corporate sponsorship or individual donation, we will list contributers directly on this web-page and across our network of one million Facebook fans. If you believe in this work, please donate. We will come up with some interesting perks but understand that simply doing good is a great reward.

You can make a donation either directly to our Paypal Account, or through our Eventbrite page for our Annual Save a Billion Birds! Dinner in San Francisco, CA. Either way, you will be helping birds and seen by over a million people doing so. We need your help, please donate today! Any amount you donate will aid the work of Saving Birds, one at a time, by funding scholarships and advocating for best solutions based on such research. We will list each and every donation on our Facebook Page, unless requested otherwise.

2015-2016 Patrons! All donors above US $100 will be listed here unless anonymity requested.

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     James Karl Fischer PhD RIBA AIA

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      Daniel Klem PhD

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