Save a Billion Birds! Sponsors recognize that birds are valuable, each and every one. 

Sponsors link good business to good works. If your company recognizes the benefits of birds, consider sponsoring a very focused charity that targets the place of birds in community life. We have a great network and are growing quickly. Opportunities abound to sponsor events, an award winning independent film series program as well as scholarships and community action programs. 

Contact us via the form below today in order to discover what opportunity might be best for your organization, but any company can contribute through the links provided below and we will do the rest!

We are a 501 c3 Nonprofit so your contributions are tax deductable. Upon corporate sponsorship, we will list contributers directly on this web-page and across our network of one million Facebook fans.

2015-2016 Corporate Sponsors

Corporate Benefactors (US $100,000+) 

Corporate Patron (US $50,000+)

Platinum Corporate Sponsor (US $10,000+)

Gold Corporate Sponsor (US $5000+)

Silver Corporate Sponsor (US $250+)

Bronze Corporate Sponsor (US $1000+)





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