World Heritage glass-less architecture can serve as inspiration for a viable future. Architects are talented people… they know how to interpret forms to create wonderful living spaces for community life. The following examples of architectural heritage serve to remind our communities that glass architecture is relatively new, and not inevitable or even necessary for contemporary design. The only obstacle to good architecture is unwillingness to explore it!

Just remember… Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum in NYC, USA is bird-friendly with minimal exposed glass windows! We can do even better... 

Contemporary design can easily be bird-friendly:

Many of the best examples of glass free architecture come from world heritage sites. These can be found at: , in addition to other sites.

Architecture does not need bird-killing glass to be good (in fact, bird-killing glass is a sure sign that stale dogma has replaced thoughtful understanding). We will be adding to these pages continuously, please feel free to write us at if you have suggestions or contemporary examples to include!

No exterior glass in any of these seminal architectural works:

Omo Sebua (Chiefs House), Pulau Nias Indonesia

Pagaruyung Palace, Indonesia

Katsura Detached Palace, Japan

Changdeok Palace, South Korea

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