Collision-mitigation Guidelines

The Zoological Lighting Institute and Save a Billion Birds! entered into this discussion long after others initiated the good work. Many researchers, organizations and civic groups have been fighting the good fight to stem the tide. Below, you will find downloadable guidelines enacted to help make our communities more bird-friendly. There is plenty more to be done, but just as our one million fans around the world have learned, you will discover that real action is possible and already happening. Join the movement today, and make your city, town, neighborhood or building bird-friendly today!

Disclaimer: As these documents come from many sources, there are bound to be discrepencies in the details. One point is certain: reflective and transparent window glass kills birds. Policies to determine what is and isn’t acceptable, rest on this fact.

Governmental Policy Guidelines:

San Jose, CA 
Download -  Standards for Bird-safe Guidelines

Download - SF Planning Department Standards for Bird-safe Building

Download - Minnesota - SS.14 Bird-Safe Building


Download - Toronto Bird-friendly Development Guidelines

NGO Guidelines:

The American Bird Conservancy

Download ABC's Bird-friendly Building Design

USGBG LEED Pilot Credit 55: Bird Collision Deterrence

Download - LEED Pilot Credit 55: Bird Collision Deterrence


Minnesota Audubon Society -  Bird-safe Building Guidelines

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