The Zoological Lighting Institute and Save a Billion Birds! exist to support research. Peeer reviewed research is important, as it aids policy makers in deciding what they should and should not do. Bird-window collision research has been steadily growing since Daniel J. Klem brought the issue to prominence. 

The research that ZLI and SaBB supports exists in conversation with these works, meaning that there will always be much work to do. Research needs to be developed in both the arts and sciences in order to fix the current crisis. We will gradually build up a database, but can cite the most prominent works here below and provide them for download.

Collision Statistics:

Bird–building collisions in the United States: Estimates of annual mortality and species vulnerability”, Scott R. Loss,1,a* Tom Will,2 Sara S. Loss,1 and Peter P. Marra1
Published January 2, 2014

Daniel J. Klem, published works

Daniel J. Klem, “Bird- Window Collisions", 1989

Ornithology/Sensory Ecology:

GRAHAM R. MARTIN, "Understanding bird collisions with man-made objects: a sensory ecology approach”,  2011 Download Here Save a Billion Birds!™ is a registered trademark of The Zoological Lighting Institute